The Most Interesting FIFA 18 Features

A big question that many FIFA fans are asking is “how the new FIFA 18 game play?” The best thing in the new FIFA 18 is the experience with the modifications and changes that have been made from the previous game.

Here are the most interesting FIFA 18 features.

1. Presentation improvements

Frostbite engine has been utilized to give an improved presentation in the FIFA 18 game. FIFA 18’s stadium atmosphere appears to be ready to receive a big overhaul, due to the commentary, improved crowds and many other improvements that have been made.

2. Team styles that are different

FIFA 18 has added new styles; the main example is high press and tiki-taka. There is a hope that CPU sides will use this advantage and increase the diversity to offline gaming process.

3. Player personalities that are Authentic

FIFA 18 has incorporated player personalities that are improved. According to layman’s terms, it is implied that players should have authentic traits that are both in off and on the ball. Sterling’s turns, Griezmann’s technique, and Ronaldo’s signature sprint are the good examples. This has helped in adding enhanced personality to the best players.

4. Ultimate Team

The journey has not made its way to Nintendo switch, but the ultimate team has done it. Features such as offline and online seasons, squad building contest and FUT graft are still available in both portable and docked modes at 720p and 1080p respectively. Although its disappointing that some features have missed out, this switch appears to be the best way to play FIFA’s popular mode.

5. . Upgraded Journey

This FIFA 18 journey followed Alex Hunters’s tale again. The mode that was debuted in the last version has been set to feature varied locations and many star-studded names. Many fans were hoping to have a create-a-player feature in this version, but Hunter’s journey has kept a big distance and many people are excited by the place EA have taken him this round.

6. Enhanced dribbling 

There has been a feeling that FIFA 17’s dribbling mechanics have not been balanced. With FIFA 18, enhanced dribbling has been introduced enabling players to add extra creativity to the situations.

7. Quick substitutions

There is a new feature that has been introduced to this FIFA 19 Hack, enabling players to do substitution quickly without the need of pressing pause and going back to the menu screen. Long pressing on the back of the bumper at the time when the ball is dead can be the best way to do this.